At Camp Winston, children actively participate in creating beautiful art. The outcome is remarkable, however even more important is the process involved in creating art. This process of creative expression enhances self-esteem in children who for the first time are supported, physically, emotionally and cognitively to ensure completion of the task. Campers display their creations at camp and can take them home to share with their families.


Nature Program

Nature rotations provide children the chance to stop and take notice of the natural environment surrounding them. The outcome of these lessons leads to a better understanding and appreciation of the natural and physical world. Camp Winston is situated on Sparrow Lake, close to the Kashe River and therefore is ideal for nature exploration. Our nature hut is filled with pets of all sorts and our campers earn various “Nature Licenses” in order to learn and understand about the specific skills required to successfully care for animals.


Wilderness Tripping Program

Our Tripping Program provides a physically and emotionally safe learning environment that fosters the development of outdoor skills within a group setting. This program teaches tenets of first-aid, campfire building skills, canoeing and the various basic skills necessary to pack, prepare, portage, and camp with minimal impact to the environment. This program also teaches team building skills and connects campers with the wonders of the great outdoors. The goal of the Tripping program is to prepare campers aged 13 and up for a 2 night canoe trip into Algonquin Park.



Water-sports are very popular activities at Camp Winston. These activities facilitate building of motor skills, trust and self confidence in our campers. As a stepping stone, children first participate in tubing. Tubing allows children to establish trust in the driver and the boat and builds confidence in their ability to participate in an activity that is very exhilarating. Once basic skills are established, campers are encouraged and supported to learn more complex water-sports such as knee boarding, wakeboarding and waterskiing. For most of our campers Camp Winston is the first place that offers the opportunity to participate in such exciting and self-esteem building activities.


Drama Program

Our Drama program is designed to allow children the opportunity to express themselves and learn in a theatrical environment. Our small theatre is equipped with an extensive prop and costume collection, musical instruments and drums, an upright piano, and various audio and video equipment. Our campers have the opportunity to learn many elements of the theatre including:



  • Singing and Dancing
  • Team Building and Drama Games
  • Basic Music Lessons
  • Video Making and Interviewing
  • The Art of Storytelling


Swimming Program

The swimming program at Camp Winston is both instructional and recreational. Each day small groups of children attend swimming lessons to learn and work on skills in both shallow and deep water. For most of our children attending swim lessons is very difficult and the opportunity of receiving highly structured instruction is significant. Our children learn best in an environment where each child can learn at an individual pace free of pressure from peers. Children also have the opportunity for general swims each day where they can, while under the supervision of a counselor, enjoy a range of waterfront play.


Sports Program

Children who attend Camp Winston usually have had little success at sports – children find it difficult to participate actively in gym activities or find peers to play with due to their lack of social skills and co-ordination difficulties. The opportunity of extracurricular participation (i.e. baseball teams) is also limited due to behaviour and socialization difficulties.
At Camp Winston all children participate, at times with physical support, in our wide range of activities including; basketball, floor hockey, baseball, soccer, football, badminton and trampoline. Under the direction of our Sports Instructor and with the assistance of counselors, children begin to enjoy sports and learn skills that can be carried over to the non-camp environment.


Challenge Course

Our Ropes Course and Challenge Course Program are designed to meet a number of educational, developmental, and recreational goals for our campers. Our “challenge through choice” program focuses on personal achievements and asks our campers to confront their personal fears and anxieties by setting and meeting personal goals. Challenges may be physical and/or emotional. Our program explores the fundamentals of trust, craftsmanship, coaching and are designed to explore group interaction, problem-solving and leadership. Our challenge course enhances development of:


  • Cooperation
  • Decision making
  • Self confidence
  • Positive Risk Taking
  • Cohesion
  • Trust
  • Self esteem
  • Leadership
  • Goal setting
  • Teamwork