Changing The Picture In Your Head

One of the first things we teach our campers during Social Skills is the ability to change the picture in their heads.   We teach this so that when a child has a glorious picture in their head of going tubing behind the motor boat  and a storm comes crashing in, they are cognitively prepared to shift into a rainy dance party in the gross motor room.  This is a lifelong skill that translates very well into managing expectations as an adult.

At Camp Winston, we know that one summer can profoundly change a lifetime and in order to positively and better support that change we have developed a pilot program of free (sponsored for now!) video tutorials aimed at bringing Camp Winston Magic home. We encourage you to watch these videos, change the picture in your head about how communication with your children or the children you support has to be and employ these skills.  Then, ask us questions, comment, and practice until it works the way you want it to and share it with as many other families, care providers, and service networks that you can.  We need your support to keep these materials free.  Please comment on Youtube with your questions, or requests.  Thank you and enjoy!

The first video is on Reflective Listening, a cornerstone of our communication.

Reflective Listening
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Reflective Listening

Part 1

Reflective Listening

Part 2