Note we are still hiring Counsellors for the 2017 Season!

Nurse 1


Seasonal Contract from June 10th – August 23rd, 2017.


This is a live-in position.


$7,500.00 for the season for RN, salary for medics awaiting licensing to be negotiated,  less applicable tax, EI and CPP deductions.

Additional Perks

  1.  Room and Board
  2.  Full 2-day CPI Training (transferable to other agencies for 1-year, $1,500.00 CAD value)
  3.  Full 1 week Camp Winston Training
  • Reflective Listening
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Setting Expectations
  • Teaching Skills
  • Praising
  • Correcting Behaviour
  • Building Self-Esteem
  • Discipline and Behaviour Management
  • Stress and Crisis Management

Nurse 2


Job Description Summary

This position is part of the camp management team. Its function is to provide first aid care for campers and staff, to dispense medications to campers and staff, to coordinate visits to a physician, clinic or hospital when needed, to monitor health and cleanliness standards, to organize paper work and maintain treatment and dispensing logs for everyone requiring service.  It requires the incumbent to work with other senior staff members, the camp’s physician and other providers prior to the opening of camp to inventory supplies, to create an operating budget and to make recommendations on acquisitions of equipment and/or materials.

Reporting to:  The Director Team

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Perform camper intake at the beginning of each season confirming medications and documenting any changes to dosage or food requirements.
  2. Maintain files and logs for each camper in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  3. Dispense medications in accordance with protocols provided by campers’ doctors.
  4. Respond to medical emergencies as required.
  5. Assess need for off-site emergency treatment in collaboration with camp doctor, telehealth or other experts.
  6. Participate on the Joint Health and Safety Committee to regularly survey the property to ensure it is safe from dangerous equipment, hazardous chemicals or other risks that could compromise the health and safety of the community.
  7. Prepare and distribute first aid kits to all locations and activities where required.
  8. Participate in and lead specific areas of staff training pertaining to camp health and safety, CPR, first aid and use of universal precautions for infectious control.
  9. Provide regular reminders and monitor that campers and staff are hydrated and protected from the sun.
  10. Encourage nutritious food choices by campers in collaboration with counselling staff.
  11. Provide program support duties as needed.
  12. Provide feedback to the Director Team.

Collaboratively with the Director Team:

  1. Review policies and practices of camp administration to ensure safety and well-being.
  2. Support the Director Team in any compliance based inspections.
  3. Participate as required in contact with parents/guardians to provide feedback, or to seek advice or permission in regards to the safe management of campers.


Send your cover letter and resume to:

Andy McMullan
Co-Director of Camp Winston
416-487-6229 x 104