It’s Awesome by Abby Waldman


I loved all of it. This was my second weekend retreat. The theme was “skillathon” and everything was so much fun.  We signed up for 7 of 15 available activities by rating them from 1-15.    I learned a whole bunch of new skills.  The counselors are fun and funny.

I got to make my very own tea and tea jar.  I made a roebus vanilla with cinnamon and apricot.  It is delicious!  We also got to make our own tea bags and tea jars.  I decorated my jar with paint and glitter. I also had fun with dog agility, yarn hearts and piano. I learned how to make cheese!  We made Winstonian teacakes – like Hungarian coffee cake rolled in butter and cinnamon.  YUM! We made the dough and molded the balls and dipped them in butter and cinnamon. Rainbow loom was challenging for me but my counselor was very patient and helped me.

I learned that I am very artistic and I feel very good about that. There were some new kids and watching them reminded me of me when I first came up and was nervous, and it felt really good to know that I don’t feel nervous anymore.  The purpose of the weekend is to get people together who are like me and we all have a nice, fun time.  It’s important to use our social skills and make new friends.  I will keep in touch with them.

I love this camp.  It’s like a second home to me. I get a lot of skills and it’s a lot of fun.  I can’t wait to come back in May.  I love it. Next time I go I’ll do even more.