Grand-family Christmas 2013

Twas the week of Christmas and all through Camp Winston’s site,

There was laughter and joy and fun day and night.

Twenty gathered for a week of Grand-Family fun,

Seven different families coming together as one.


The lake and all of camp were magical and sparkling in the snow,

Thankfully the power stayed on so everything was a go.

Children tobogganed down the big hill and played board games in Upper Jean,

And the gingerbread cookies made from scratch were the best we’d ever seen.


The food and treats were donated by Dr. Chris Hassell, Diane Silver and so many more,

And Marian from the Silver Pines cooked a perfect Christmas feast with side dishes galore.

One grandma said a prayer of grace,

And Denise acknowledged those who could not be present but who, in our hearts, have a special place.


Everyone took turns cooking and cleaning, which worked out all right,

And Shannon Cherry came up to make mosaic mirrors, which was a real highlight.

So many donated personalized presents for the kids and grandparents, it was wonderful to see,

And the grandparents took part in a gift exchange, which was fun and lively.


Christmas can be a hard time for many, feeling isolated and alone,

At Camp Winston, this was a happy time of camaraderie and caring and feeling at home.

The adults and kids all had time to talk and commiserate,

It is important to be able to openly talk with those with whom you can relate.


Thanks to our volunteers and donors for making this week a reality,

Your generosity of bringing joy and love and respite to others is a wonderful quality.

Our wish for everyone for 2014,

Is for peace, love, good health, understanding and acceptance of others and helping raise someone’s self esteem.


By: Judy Litwack-Goldman