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We’re in the semi-finals!  Thank you so much for your participation!  We need you again starting on December 2nd!  Help us reach the finals, we can do this!

Every year the Aviva Community Fund puts up $1,000,000.00 for Canadian Charities to compete for. Charities submit an idea in three budget categories and in each division the ten most popular ideas move on to the semi-finals. Semi-finalists then compete to see how the prize money will be divided. In addition any idea that makes it to the semi-finals with broker support will be entered into another competition for $150,000.00. We’ve entered to replace our Drama and Arts facility in the Large Budget category for 2013.

Vote for our idea every day while the voting window is open using the banner above! In addition to the potential of winning the prize money, we have a donor willing to give us $1.00 for every new ‘like’ on our facebook page and for every vote we receive during the Aviva competition. Thanks for your support!