Camp Winston Payment Structure for 2016

Camp Winston has maintained its fees for 2016
  • All camps: $6,000
  • Boys and Girls Weekends: $500
  • Autism Weekends: $600
  • Behaviour Management Workshop: $200
  • GrandFamily Weekends: $600 per family
Enter Total Household Income:

Enter number of members in household:

Summer Camp
Autism/GrandFamily Weekend
Boys/Girls Weekends
Behaviour Management Workshop

Your portion of all fees is …

Our philosophy is “pay what you can, when you can”. What we’ve found through discussion with other agencies and our experience within our own community is that families tend to try and pay the entire fee and if they are unable to do that they feel guilty and undeserving. From our point of view it is very important that all aspects of our service support a whole and healthy concept of respite. In other words, if what you gain from the respite is lost because you are stressed about financing service then that service did not do its whole job. We believe completely in Camp Winston and we know that the 90%-95% of you who come back each year share our belief. We all need to do our best to ensure that this vibrant and wonderful community remains sustainable.