Aviva Community Fund: Extraordinary Programs for Very Special Kids!

We’ve decided to go for the Aviva Community Fund grand prize of $150,000.00 to replace our Drama, Arts & Crafts, Music, Teen Clubhouse, Laundry, and Maintenance building!  As you can see, this 60 year old structure of pure AWESOME houses a great deal of incredible programming and is totally necessary for our summer camp.  Our idea is called Extraordinary Programs for Very Special Kids and we need all of the votes we can get!  In addition to the potential of winning the grand prize, we have a very generous donor backing our cause with a 1 click, 1 like and/or 1 vote = $1.00 meaning that for every like we get on our facebook page and every vote we get on our idea page we receive $1.00 towards construction.


When I think back about my nine seasons at Camp and remember all of the social skills lessons, the plays (wizard of oz cyclone on the ceiling fan), the movies, music, and crafts made, the pre-session pump-ups, and the post-session closing circles, I am filled with a great sense of pride for what my community has been able to accomplish. I know that the spirit of what we do is held fast within our wonderful property and that with new construction will come new and exciting memories.  I personally thank you for your time and hope that you’ll share our campaign with as many people as you can!

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camp-Winston/496832260412799
Aviva URL: http://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf18511

Social Skills


This is all kinds of awesome! Please do vote, folks, and keep it up daily!

Awesome, indeed. In addition to the matching gifts from a generous donor, if CW wins and builds new laundry facilities, I will donate the laundry soap to keep camp clean for many years. Please help us help kids experience summer camp.

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